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Ecological Services for Residential, Commercial, and Public Properties


Kestrel Ecological Services specializes in the identification and eradication of invasive non-native plants.  We believe that restoration of natural ecosystem functioning begins with control of non-native species and re-introduction of appropriate native species.  With our decades of field experience, we can eliminate the exotic invasive plant species on your property while protecting the native plant species.

We also provide tree surveys and hazard tree evaluations as well as biological inventories.

Credentials and Expertise  

We are licensed by the State of Florida as commercial pesticide applicators with natural area, rights-of-way, and aquatic certifications and are a qualified contractor for the Florida Wildlife and Fish Commission's Upland Invasive Program. We have an ISA Certified Arborist on staff.  Our experience includes working for local developers, local municipalities and counties, residential customers, large private land owners as well as the National Wildlife Refugee, Florida State Park System, Florida Forest Service, Florida Water Management Districts and the University of Florida. 

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Exotic Invasive Surveys & Control

Tree Surveys & Hazard Tree Evaluations

Biological Inventories

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